Epson Print Admin is a server-based solution that creates secure printing, scanning and copying environment through user-authentication. It includes document distribution and user, cost quota and administrative tools that help to boost security, convenience, productivity and cost savings.

Enhanced Security And Reduced Waste

Authentication function protects against unauthorised use of devices, creating a secure printing, scanning and copying environment. Employees can be identified using ID cards, login credentials or a PIN code linked to their accounts. Documents are only printed when the user releases the job at a compatible device. This helps to reduce waste caused by users forgetting to take their printouts. “Scan and Send to Me” function further enhances document security by ensuring that the document is correctly distributed to the user.

Work Efficiency And Minimise Downtime

Print from the closest printer or use another printer when one is already in use or facing an error. Make daily workflow simple and secure by assigning only the required functions and personalising user profiles.

Simple Administration From Any PC In The Network

Epson Print Admin’s web-based management interface provides easy access to administer settings through a single interface.

Integrate With Existing Infrastructure

Epson Print Admin is able to integrate with directory services (Windows Active Directory / Open Directory) for importing user database and email server for scan-to-email and automatic functions.

Cost Savings And Accountability

To save on costs, rules can be set to convert colour documents to black-and-white prints. Achieve further cost savings by enforcing duplex printing which cuts paper cost. Quota and credits can be assigned to users to minimise printing of unnecessary documents. Reports can then be generated for auditing purposes.

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