Epson Remote Services (ERS)

Epson Remote Services (ERS) is a secure cloud-based Device Management System which enables convenient management, billing programmes and remote service support for registered Epson devices. It reduces downtime with automatic alerts and also provides IT managers and service partners with the right information to fix the issues efficiently.

Easy Access to Customers From Any Location

With internet connection, service partners can search devices and check the status remotely before attending to customer service calls. It can also be used on mobile devices by a serviceman on the go.

Manage and Monitor Devices Efficiently

IT managers and service partners can manage and monitor device status and consumable levels at a glance. When devices face an issue, notification alerts can be sent automatically and provide accurate data to fix the issue and minimise downtime.

Generate And Receive Usage Reports

Click-charge partners can generate usage reports with meter reading for monthly billing while customers can make use of these reports to monitor usage and project expenditure.

Minimise Downtime And Reduce Service Cost With Accurate Service Support

With remote diagnostic and maintenance functions, service partners are able to determine the actual problem and prepare the correct tools and parts before making any onsite visit. Simple issues such as printhead cleaning or rebooting the device can also be done remotely. Customers receive quicker service support and increase device uptime.

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